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5.6 Crumb at a Gallop

Crumb at a Gallop

1992 Comedy 97 min Play
5.5 Pretty-Arne and Rosa

Pretty-Arne and Rosa

1967 Comedy 89 min Play
10 Old Maids

Old Maids

Bettina Eriksen, manager of her Uncle Teodor's nursing home, is being framed for murder. With the help of 2 older ladies, Bettina sets out to find out the murderer's identity and motive.

1966 Comedy 99 min Play
5.8 Passer Babysitting Girls

Passer Babysitting Girls

Caretaker Alf Thomsen's very effective "alarm clock" comes once again in operation, and has again succeeded in getting him up to speed, despite their incessant discussions back and forth. Everything is peaceful and idyllic. Sleeping city housing block, with the famous staircase is to embark on a new day

1965 Comedy 83 min Play
5 Five men and Rosa

Five men and Rosa

På et sygehus's 5 mandsstue - stue nummer 13 - ligger der 5 meget forskellige mænd, med meget forskellig baggrunde: Byretsdommer Winther, modedesigner Philip André , bankkasserer Madsen, den uforbederlige indbrudstyv Herluf "Smukke Arne" Jensen , og legationssekretær Konrad Konradsen. Legationssekretæren har begået en dumhed og er kommet i lommen på en pengeafpresseren Helmer Gamtofte . Han er i besiddelse af nogle kompromitterende billeder, som han opbevarer i en bankboks i den bank, hvor ...

1964 Comedy 99 min Play
5.9 Majorens oppasser

Majorens oppasser

The Danish minister of defense decides to join the army incognito to observe. This causes CHAOS. It also causes him to meet the major's daughter. He ends up becoming the major's orderly which gets him closer to the daughter.

1964 Comedy 93 min Play
5.3 A Day Without Lies

A Day Without Lies

A Day Without Lies

1963 Comedy 88 min Play
6.5 The Girl and the Press Photographer

The Girl and the Press Photographer

Bastian and Lene are a good couple, as a journalist and press photographer. They take turns to get ideas for how to get a scoop for the magazine "Tit og Lyt". They agree to play husband and wife so that Bastian can get an apartment. Lene is deeply in love with Bastian why she gets their mutual friend Soren to send a man from the housing authority. He says that they most have one child to stay in the apartment.

1963 Comedy 97 min Play
5.8 Friends at Arms: On Autumn Exercises

Friends at Arms: On Autumn Exercises

1961 Comedy 80 min Play
5.3 Friends at Arms: Operation Camel

Friends at Arms: Operation Camel

As part of the U.N. patrol in Gaza, A group of Danish soldiers run into a series of misadventures.

1960 Comedy 86 min Play
4.2 Friends at Arms: Marching Out

Friends at Arms: Marching Out

A military comedy about disobedient and playful recruits.

1959 Comedy 100 min Play
4.3 Friends at Arms

Friends at Arms

Every year, thousands of young men are summoned to undergo an education where completely different demands are made than in civilian life. The soldiers must be in perfect physical form and they must learn to deal with modern weapons.

1958 Comedy 87 min Play
6 Der kom en dag

Der kom en dag

1955 Drama 102 min Play
7 Kriminalsagen Tove Andersen

Kriminalsagen Tove Andersen

1953 Crime 93 min Play