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5.3 Survive!


Sixteen plane crash survivors stranded in the Andes turn to cannibalism to stay alive. Based on a true story.

1976 Adventure 111 min Play
8 Entre monjas anda el diablo

Entre monjas anda el diablo

A man called “The Devil” makes a living in cock-fights. He falls for a girl who's about to enter the monastery.

1973 Comedy 85 min Play
5.4 The Incredible Professor Zovek

The Incredible Professor Zovek

Escape-artist-mentalist-martial-arts superhero vs. mad scientist and monsters.

1972 Horror 79 min Play
5.1 Santo and the Vengeance of the Mummy

Santo and the Vengeance of the Mummy

When Santo accompanies a troupe of archaeologists in the search for Aztec artifacts, they find the Mummy of an Aztec who leaves a warning to those who tamper with his resting place. The adventurers ignore the warning, and before long, the Mummy starts bumping them off one-by-one with his bow & arrow.

1971 Action 87 min Play
5.4 Wrestling Women vs. the Killer Robot

Wrestling Women vs. the Killer Robot

A lady wrestler and her boyfriend, a policeman, battle a mad scientist who has developed a murderous killer robot and uses it to kidnap wealthy people.

1969 Horror 77 min Play
6.4 Santo and Dracula’s Treasure

Santo and Dracula’s Treasure

A woman travels to her past life with the help of Santo's past life regression machine

1969 Action 81 min Play
5.5 Night of the Bloody Apes

Night of the Bloody Apes

A surgeon transplants the heart of an ape into his ailing son with horrific results.

1969 Horror 81 min Play
7.3 Santo vs. Capulina

Santo vs. Capulina

Calpuina is a night-watchman in a wharehouse, a perfect job for him. When some thieves break in and steal some crates, El Santo is after them because they are using the wharehouse for diamond smuggling. Capulina hinders their capture. Then he decides that he will put on a wrestler's mask and help El Santo to caputre the crooks.

1969 Action 80 min Play
5.9 The Batwoman

The Batwoman

A whacked out scientist is capturing wrestlers (because they are "perfect") and using their spinal fluid to create a Gill Man. Two cops call in Batwoman to investigate. She steals aboard the baddies boat , uncovers his mad plan, but she is discovered and during a scuffle our hero tosses acid in the scientists face. This doesn't sit too well with the dude and he seeks revenge. His plan, capture her and turn her into a Gill Woman!

1968 Adventure 80 min Play
6 Neutron Traps the Invisible Killers

Neutron Traps the Invisible Killers

Masked hero El enmascarado de oro faces a criminal that turns invisible.

1965 Action 85 min Play
4.2 The Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy

The Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy

If you've ever longed for a movie about wrestling women who take on various monsters, this is it! Xochitl, the mummy, can turn into a snake or a bat, which is difficult to get half-Nelsons on. Loreita, the Golden Ruby, joins her sister to battle the evil Prince Fugiyata and her Oriental female wrestlers. The mummy is also female and on the good side of the struggle.

1964 Adventure 89 min Play
4.5 Santo vs. the Strangler

Santo vs. the Strangler

1963 Action 90 min Play
5 Doctor of Doom

Doctor of Doom

A mad scientist terrorizes a city by kidnapping young women with his ape-man Gomar and then using them as subjects in sadistic brain transplant experiments. A female wrestler whose sister was one of the victims swears vengeance against the Mad Doctor.

1963 Horror 80 min Play
5.6 La llorona

La llorona

A woman takes revenge in the family of her lover.

1960 Fantasy 75 min Play
5.2 Adventures of Joselito and Tom Thumb

Adventures of Joselito and Tom Thumb

Joselito lives with his grandmother in a fishing village. His father went to America long ago to make a fortune. One day, the boy decides to travel there to meet him. He takes courage and embarks on a fragile boat and miraculously is saved at sea by a vessel that leads him to Mexico where he meets Tom Thumb, a little newsboy who lives many adventures and helps him in the search.

1960 Drama 87 min Play
5 Ángel del infierno

Ángel del infierno

Young woman moves to a remote border town to take charge of properties she inherited from her father.

1959 85 min Play
4.9 Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Pitch, the mean-spirited devil, is trying to ruin Christmas. Santa Claus teams up with Merlin the Magician and the children of the world in order to save the day!

1959 Drama 94 min Play
4.7 The Living Idol

The Living Idol

An archaeologist believes a Mexican woman is the reincarnation of an Aztec princess.

1957 Adventure 100 min Play
5 Por qué peca la mujer

Por qué peca la mujer

Working-class girl-next--door type is seduced into a high-glam lifestyle when an oily promoter helps launch her as a nightclub singer; she throws over her decent-simple-guy boyfriend and loses her moral compass.

1952 Crime 0 min Play
6.5 Póker de ases

Póker de ases

Four brothers try to manage their careers and love-lives under the close supervision of a domineering mother.

1952 87 min Play
6 También de dolor se canta

También de dolor se canta

The movie starts with Braulio Peláez (Pedro Infante), a schoolteacher, having just fallen off his horse, representing the situation he and his family are in. The next scenes introduce the viewer to his family and their poor financial and social situation. As Braulio stumbles around looking for his glasses, he causes a famous film star, Alfonso de Madrazo (Rafael Alcaide) to crash his car. Braulio offers him to eat at his house as an apology. Braulio's sister and mother, big film fans, ...

1950 Comedy 97 min Play