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TV Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Yang Eun-bi is a college student preparing for her civil service exam with the dream of being a high ...

2011 Play
TV Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

An explosion at the National Assembly kills everyone in the cabinet, leaving Park Mu-jin, the Minister of ...

2019 Play
TV The Fugitive of Joseon

The Fugitive of Joseon

Set during the reign of King Injong, the protagonist is a royal physician desperate to cure his ailing ...

2013 Play
TV I Do, I Do

I Do, I Do

I Do, I Do is a 2012 South Korean romantic-comedy television series, starring Kim Sun-a, Lee Jang-woo, ...

2012 Play
TV Fix You

Fix You

How do you deal with anger? Where does happiness actually come from? These questions are at the heart of ...

2020 Play
TV Hur Jun

Hur Jun

Hur Jun is a 2000 TV biographical drama broadcast by the South Korean TV channel MBC. It was aired by ...

1999 Play
TV Chief Kim

Chief Kim

An accountant who’s deft at embezzling funds becomes an unintentional hero to his colleagues when he gets ...

2017 Play
TV Nine: Nine Time Travels

Nine: Nine Time Travels

Park Sun-Woo works as an anchorman at a TV broadcasting station. He is in love with newsreporter Joo ...

2013 Play
TV Miniforce


Four animal superheroes called the Miniforce transform into robots to protect small and defenseless ...

2014 Play
TV Now, We Are Breaking Up

Now, We Are Breaking Up

Will tell stories of emotional love and breakups. Ha Young-eun, a manager of the design team at a fashion ...

2021 Play
TV 출장십오야2 – 하이브편

출장십오야2 – 하이브편

2022 Play
TV Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

A prosecutor who started his career as a newspaper reporter faces a life-changing event when his father ...

2019 Play
TV Solomon’s Perjury

Solomon’s Perjury

A male student's body is found at school. Authorities assume that the student killed himself in a fall. ...

2016 Play
TV Room No. 9

Room No. 9

Eulji Hae-Yi, a lawyer at a big law firm, is a kiss-up to those with power, but looks down upon those who ...

2018 Play
TV Ghost Doctor

Ghost Doctor

A genius doctor who's the star doctor at a hospital falls into a coma. As his spirit leaves the body, he ...

2022 Play
TV I Love Lee Tae Ri

I Love Lee Tae Ri

Min Soo is a 14-year-old boy who is engaged to a woman 7 years older than him. As he knows that the ...

2012 Play
TV One the Woman

One the Woman

A corruption inspector suddenly inherits a great fortune. In this mystery, she tries to regain her memory.

2021 Play
TV Mother’s Touch Korean Side Dishes

Mother’s Touch Korean Side Dishes

Kim Soo-mi is a well-known actress who has professional cooking skills and likes to share Korean side ...

2018 Play
TV Here’s My Plan

Here’s My Plan

A girl believes her whole life has been miserable. She dreams of revenge on people who are responsible ...

2021 Play
TV Tazza


Go Ni suffers an incredible loss when his mother and stepfather die because of Young Min. He later ends ...

2008 Play
TV Homemade Love Story

Homemade Love Story

Strangers living together at the Samkwang Villa get to know each other and even fall in love.

2020 Play
TV Queendom


A musical battle between 6 trending girl group acts, in order to "determine the real number one" when all ...

2019 Play
TV Time Between Dog and Wolf

Time Between Dog and Wolf

After his mother is brutally murdered by the Triad in Thailand, Soo-hyun is adopted by NIS agent Kang ...

2007 Play
TV Jirisan


Seo Yi-Gang is the best ranger at Jiri Mountain National Park. She knows virtually everything about the ...

2021 Play