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TV 9 Yes, Chef!

Yes, Chef!

Jurij Zrnec stepped into the slippers of Chef, the culinary magician of endless talents, even bigger ego and the owner of the best restaurant in Ljubljana, Chateau de Philippe, Ljubomir Bohinc. In anger, Chef can be scary, invincible in entertainment, and royal in forgiveness - especially when it comes to his own mistakes. There are a lot of people underneath, each with their own story. There are often fun situations between them, from which they escape as they know how. Ljubo (as only the ...

2021 Comedy 30 min Play
TV 8 Cases of Inspector Vrenko

Cases of Inspector Vrenko

A series of stories about a chief inspector Martin Vrenko, who faces numbers of unusual cases, interesting characters, intelligent plots and surprising twists.

NR RTV Slovenija
2021 Crime min Play
0 Henrik’s Freedom

Henrik’s Freedom

Hinko Smrekar was a brilliant painter, graphic artist and cartoonist, a companion of the greats of Slovenian literature and fine arts between the two world wars. Freedom was the basic foundation of his life and creation, as he himself wrote, he could not "force himself even with batons and bayonets not to look and think with his own head."

2021 Documentary 50 min Play
0 A Fine Pavement

A Fine Pavement

Set in Oxfordshire, 1998: a retired British colonel meets a Slovenian woman he realizes he may have saved from the Partisans after the end of World War II.

2021 Drama 50 min Play
7 The Curse of Valburga

The Curse of Valburga

Two crooks looking to scam tourists organize a tour of an abandoned manor house rumored to be haunted by the cousin of Count Dracula. Their first group consist of a Swedish Satanist, two French goths and a Russian porn director. But the scam descends into bloody chaos when the tour is attacked by a Nazi cannibal wielding a circular saw.

2019 Comedy 82 min Play
6.6 Class Enemy

Class Enemy

Relations between the students and the new teacher of German are extremely tense. When one female student commits suicide, her schoolmates blame the teacher for her death. An awareness that things are not quite so black and white comes too late.

2013 Drama 112 min Play
4.3 Gypsy Eyes

Gypsy Eyes

A security officer tracks down the Gypsy girl who can identify an American diplomat's killer.

1992 Action 88 min Play
6.8 Kekec’s Tricks

Kekec’s Tricks

A story of the witty boy Kekec, his friends and their adventures in the mountains of Slovenia during the summer.

1968 Adventure 75 min Play