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6.5 Yao


From his village in northern Senegal, Yao is a 13-year-old boy ready to do anything to meet his hero: Seydou Tall, a famous French actor. Invited to Dakar to promote his new book, the latter goes to his country of origin for the first time. To fulfill his dream, the young Yao organizes his fugue and brave 387 kilometers alone to the capital. Touched by this child, the actor decides to flee his obligations and to accompany him home. But on the dusty and uncertain roads of Senegal, Seydou ...

2019 Comedy 103 min Play
6.9 The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun

The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun

In Dakar, selling newspapers on the street is an occupation always occupied by boys.; one morning, Sili, a young beggar, challenges that exclusive rule.

1999 Drama 45 min Play
6 Le Franc

Le Franc

A penniless, fast-thinking musician buys a lottery ticket which he glues to his back door, in hopes of eventually retrieving his instrument from his exasperating landlady. —but the ticket wins...

1994 Comedy 46 min Play
5.2 Picc Mi

Picc Mi

Short directed by Mansour Sora Wade.

1992 Drama 16 min Play
7 Hyenas


After being kicked out of her African village three decades earlier for getting pregnant out of wedlock, Linguere (Ami Diakhate) has returned home. While Linguere has done well for herself, her home village has fallen on hard economic times. Intent on punishing Dramaan (Mansour Diouf), the man who fathered her child but refused to own up to the act, Linguere makes a proposal: She will help the town financially, if the locals agree to execute Dramaan.

1992 Comedy 110 min Play
6.9 Touki Bouki

Touki Bouki

A cowherd with a skull-mounted motorcycle and a university student meet in Dakar; put off by life in Senegal, they plan to make money in Paris.

1973 Drama 91 min Play
7.3 Mandabi


A money order from a relative in Paris throws the life of a Senegalese family man out of order. He deals with corruption, greed, problematic family members, the locals and the changing from his traditional way of living to a more modern one.

1968 Comedy 90 min Play
7.7 Black Girl

Black Girl

Eager to find a better life abroad, a Senegalese woman becomes a mere governess to a family in southern France, suffering from discrimination and marginalization.

1966 Drama 60 min Play