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5.3 Un sorriso, uno schiaffo, un bacio in bocca

Un sorriso, uno schiaffo, un bacio in bocca

1975 Comedy 0 min Play
6.5 Caprice Italian Style

Caprice Italian Style

The film consists of six short stories created by different directors, but all the stories share one thing: a warm irony to current events.

1968 Comedy 95 min Play
7.3 Hawks and Sparrows

Hawks and Sparrows

A man and his son take an allegorical stroll through life with a talking bird that spouts social and political philosophy.

1966 Comedy 89 min Play
7.4 The Treasure of San Gennaro

The Treasure of San Gennaro

A pair of Americans want to perform the greatest robbery: the treasure of San Genaro, in Napoli.

1966 Comedy 104 min Play
6 The Mandrake

The Mandrake

A young man hatches a plan to sleep with another man's infertile wife. Based on the play by Machiavelli.

1965 Comedy 100 min Play
6.4 Totò d’Arabia

Totò d’Arabia

1965 Comedy 0 min Play
6.6 What Ever Happened to Baby Toto?

What Ever Happened to Baby Toto?

A pair of brothers, Baby Toto and Pietro, sons of different mothers, live stealing suitcases at the Termini Station in Rome. After a theft they discover that the stolen suitcase they got from an apparent sweet old lady actually contains a corpse. In an attempt to discard the suitcase they mistakenly exchange it with the one of two German hitchhikers, Helga and Inga. Forced to retrieve the "corpus delicti" they are discovered by Count Mischa who blackmail them: in exchange for his silence ...

1964 Comedy 110 min Play
6.8 The Commandant

The Commandant

The retired general Antonio Cavalli is a nuisance to his family: to his wife Francesca who still works, to his son and to his daughter-in-law. Then he finds a job in a building firm. Only by chance Cavalli finds out that his salary is paid by his wife to keep him busy. But the general is well known as a very reliable man, and Sandrelli, the firm's owner, uses him and his name to win a valuable contract. When Sandrelli is arrested, the general finds the money to honour his debt but he is ...

1963 Comedy 109 min Play
6.5 Totò vs the Four

Totò vs the Four

1963 Comedy 0 min Play
5.8 Totò Sexy

Totò Sexy

Two strange street musicians end up in jail and exchange sexy stories to while away time.

1963 Comedy 100 min Play
6.8 Gli onorevoli

Gli onorevoli

Some political candidates are determined to win the electors' preference during an election campaign in Italy.

1963 Comedy 106 min Play
7.2 The Monk of Monza

The Monk of Monza

Pasquale takes all of his 12 children and runs away from Monza, looking for a house of a wealthy and generous awning. Having met on the way impoverished peasant, Pasquale takes him also, having granted the rank of "Half-Monk" and thus having gained rustic, but a reliable friend.

1963 Comedy 91 min Play
7 Toto and Cleopatra

Toto and Cleopatra

Mark Antony recalled to Rome from Alexandria by Ottavio wants him to marry his sister Octavia, Fulvia lawful wife is kidnapped by replacing it with Totonno brother, who looks like him as a drop of water. Totonno must be but here in Egypt Cleopatra mistreats the point of being sentenced to death but was pardoned Marc Antony returned. Octavius ​​declares war on Egypt, Mark Antony and Totonno dies take his place back at the side of Octavia in Rome served by Cleopatra who made ​​his slave.

1963 Comedy 100 min Play
7.3 Totò diabolicus

Totò diabolicus

The marquis Galeazzo di Torre Alta is murdered by a mysterious killer who calls himself Diabolicus. His heirs are his three brothers and a sister, but all of them, with the exception of Monsignor Antonino di Torre Alta, are killed by Diabolicus. The police are unable to solve the case, but when Antonino gives his inheritance to Pasquale Bonocore, illegitimate son of his father and Pasquale is in prison and therefore can't be the killer, all the clues are in the hand of the police.

1962 Comedy 95 min Play
5.9 Toto at Night

Toto at Night

Nini and Mimi are strolling musicians-bassist. For days they are playing on the streets of Rome. One day Nini announced that he has one million and one thousand pounds, having inherited from her grandmother died. Now world belongs only to them, and they can do everything! Ahead of them are Paris, Madrid, England, Scotland, Hong Kong, the United States ....

1962 Comedy 100 min Play
6.6 Totò contro Maciste

Totò contro Maciste

1962 Comedy 0 min Play
7.6 Two Colonels

Two Colonels

During the WWII Italians and English take and retake a village between the Albanian and Greek borders. It happens so often that not only do they use the same hotel as their headquarters, but also they find the time to become friends.

1962 Comedy 104 min Play
6.4 Totò e Peppino divisi a Berlino

Totò e Peppino divisi a Berlino

1962 Comedy 103 min Play
6.8 Lo smemorato di Collegno

Lo smemorato di Collegno

1962 Comedy 87 min Play
6.7 Sua Eccellenza si fermò a mangiare

Sua Eccellenza si fermò a mangiare

1961 Comedy 0 min Play
7.1 The Two Marshals

The Two Marshals

1961 Comedy 93 min Play
6.8 Totò, Peppino and… the Sweet Life

Totò, Peppino and… the Sweet Life

Antonio goes to Rome to represent his fellow peasants, to request a highway that will be built in their region. But the guy is mastered by 'la dolce vita' and wastes the money entrusted to him for his mission. When Peppino is sent to to find out what happened, he lets himself be trapped by the gentle grip of 'la dolce vita'

1961 Comedy 90 min Play
7.7 Totòtruffa ’62

Totòtruffa ’62

Antonio, a former variety actor, keeps his daughter in an excellent boarding school by organizing small scams with his friend and colleague Felice. Commissioner Malvasia good-naturedly persecuted him. When their respective unsuspecting children fall in love, the two fathers make peace.

1961 Comedy 107 min Play
7.1 He Who Hesitates Is Lost

He Who Hesitates Is Lost

1960 Comedy 101 min Play