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6.4 The Bricklayers

The Bricklayers

When a worker is found murdered on the construction side, the investigation swiftly turns from things criminal to the political circumstances surrounding the building itself. Widespread corruption and neglect by the builder himself are seen to have brought the situation about. Much of the movie is filmed using hand-held cameras, and the majority of the dialogue is in the difficult-to-understand and very slangy Spanish dialect of Mexico City's bricklayers.

1976 Drama 122 min Play
6.1 Pedro Paramo

Pedro Paramo

When his mother Dolores dies, Juan Preciado, son of Pedro Páramo, goes to Comala to claim his inheritance; but when he arrives he finds an abandoned and sinister place, inhabited by mysterious voices and whispers…

1967 Drama 104 min Play
5.3 Tarahumara (Cada vez más lejos)

Tarahumara (Cada vez más lejos)

Raul (Igancio Lopez Tarso) is a white man who enjoys the simple way of life practiced by the Indians of Mexico. He does his best to try and help the tribe, but he becomes a victim of greedy land grabbers who covet the tribal property. Jaime Fernandez and Aurora Clavel play the Indians. The feature, written and directed by Luis Alcoriza, appeared at the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

1965 Drama 105 min Play
6.7 The Golden Cockerel

The Golden Cockerel

A poor, but very lucky man in the cock fighting, is hired by a rich man, but both are in love with the same woman

1964 Action 105 min Play
5 La Bandida

La Bandida

During a lull in the Mexican Revolution when Francisco Madero became president and attempted to implement land reforms, two former revolutionaries are pitted against each other for the love of the same woman.

1963 Drama 106 min Play
7.4 The Paper Man

The Paper Man

A deaf and mute vagabond finds a large denomination bill in a Mexico City dump, and while he tries to buy something with it, others try to con him into giving it away. The film was selected as the Mexican entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 36th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

1963 Drama 110 min Play
6.8 Autumn Days

Autumn Days

Luisa is a small-town girl who works in the bakery of the widower Don Albino. Luisa dreams of marrying and loves children. Just as Don Albino shows interest in her, Luisa announces that she will marry soon with Carlos, the driver of a rich house whom she met recently...

1963 Drama 95 min Play
8.7 Macario


Poor, hungry peasant Macario longs for just one good meal on the Day of the Dead. After his wife cooks a turkey for him, he meets three apparitions, the Devil, God, and Death. Each asks him to share his turkey, but he refuses all except Death. In return, Death gives him a bottle of water which will heal any illness. Soon, Macario is more wealthy than the village doctor, which draws the attention of the feared Inquisition.

1960 Drama 91 min Play